Joshua Thomas

Ideation, New Concepts


Ideation – What is that?   To Ideate or not to Ideate? That is the question.   “Ideate” simply means to form an idea, thought or image of; to form ideas, think. (   “Ideation” is the process of forming and relating ideas. Ideation means to conceive or generate an idea and implement it. Ideation …

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COMSOL Training

COMSOL Training – The Truth About Our Classes We readily accept that our COMSOL Training classes are not for everyone, especially with COMSOL doing such a good job.  The training calendar is ready for the first half of next year, and we are now registering for our classes. Check it out using this link. Some …

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COMSOL Tips & Tricks – Text-Based Search Filter (v4.4)

COMSOL Tips & Tricks – Text-Based Search Filter   Many of us are running Multiphysics analyses with COMSOL.  And, of course, the more physics we are solving for the more variables we have available for post-processing.  Maybe you are like me and have gotten lost in the sea of available variables when clicking on the …

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