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Optimize Your Electric Vehicle Designs, Reduce Costs & Get to Market Faster

To be competitive in designing and manufacturing electric vehicles (EV) in today’s environment, you cannot afford to make design mistakes that extend your time to market, increase costs, and reduce the safety of end consumers.

By working with AltaSim’s team of experts, using simulation and modeling techniques early in the design will help you prevent problems before they begin and will reduce the costs associated with prototyping.

We collaborate with you and your team to solve your most involved automotive engineering design challenges and to provide a virtual platform for testing and evaluating the performance of electric vehicles in a variety of conditions, such as different terrain road conditions. Simulation can also be used to test the safety and reliability of electric vehicles.

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AltaSim has formed a strategic partnership with TotalSim US to meet the unique design and production needs for Electric Vehicles. Together we have become your single source engineering solution for modeling, simulation and thoroughly testing every aspect of your vehicle – inside and out.

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