COMSOL Tips & Tricks – Text-Based Search Filter (v4.4)

COMSOL Tips & Tricks – Text-Based Search Filter


Many of us are running Multiphysics analyses with COMSOL.  And, of course, the more physics we are solving for the more variables we have available for post-processing.  Maybe you are like me and have gotten lost in the sea of available variables when clicking on the “Replace Expression” icon.  Well, the icon is much more nicely organized in version 4.4, and not only that, but you can do text-based searches for variable names.  This is a nice streamlining that we’ve already started to take advantage of here at AltaSim.


BEFORE (v4.3b)



NOW (v4.4)


These types of changes might seem very minor until we think about the amount of time we actually save over a week or a month, and then it all adds up to a brilliant move. Well done, COMSOL! We can’t wait to discover and share more nuggets in v4.4.