Typical real world designs include multiple physical phenomena that closely interact; to accurately simulate these designs in the virtual world requires multiphysics modeling (Contact us with your questions). Simulations of this type typically involve multiple physical phenomena that are fully coupled such as thermal stress, electromechanical interaction, fluid structure interaction, fluid flow with heat transport and chemical reactions etc. The enhanced understanding provided by multiphysics modeling can provide you with the tools to grow your capability and lead to a more cost effective development process (Read our white papers).

The engineers at AltaSim Technologies have been involved in the development and application of multiphysics simulation technology for over 20 years. Since the early 2000's they have replaced the traditional loosely coupled approaches (Figure 1) that use sequential coupling over a finite time step with fully coupled solutions that provide for simultaneous solution of multiple interdependent physical phenomena (Figure 2).

This is made possible through our application of COMSOL Multiphysics to real world problems. Our extensive experience with COMSOL Multiphysics and knowledge of multiphysics phenomena allows us to address a wide range of problems and provide our customers with the ability to realize the benefits of tomorrow's technology today.

In addition, AltaSim also provides a comprehensive range of training on multiphysics with the following courses:

  1. Multiphysics Solutions using COMSOL Multiphysics: An Introductory Training Course
  2. Troubleshooting Your COMSOL Multiphysics Models
  3. Best Practices in Multiphysics Analysis
Multiphysics Figure 1

Figure 1: Schematic representation of traditional loosely coupled multiphysics solution technology that uses sequential coupling approaches.

Multiphysics Figure 2

Figure 2: Schematic representation of fully coupled multiphysics solution technology that uses concurrent solution technology.