Ideation – What is that?


To Ideate or not to Ideate? That is the question.


“Ideate” simply means to form an idea, thought or image of; to form ideas, think. (


“Ideation” is the process of forming and relating ideas. Ideation means to conceive or generate an idea and implement it. Ideation means to conceptualize an idea. It is the thought processes involved in apprehending and expressing a new concept, often in a graphical format. Here at AltaSim, we talk about “Tomorrow’s Technology Today” in most everything we do. Tomorrow’s technology started with today’s (or yesterday’s) idea. Almost all of the projects we get to work on are time sensitive for various reasons. Somebody somewhere was practicing Ideation before we got involved.


What happens when Ideation is constantly interrupted? What happens when today’s solution is delayed because yesterday’s tools cannot get us quickly to tomorrow? What happens when different users in different departments using different tools try to communicate about the same solution? Ideation comes to a screeching halt.


CAD is a great tool. We all know that. But often, CAD becomes a bottleneck when different users in different departments try to communicate with each other during the process of Ideation. Somewhere between Concept, Design, Analysis, Production, and Go-to-Market, this process often becomes “hurry-up-and-wait”. This kills Ideation. So on one end of the spectrum, there are people being encouraged to ideate more and more. On the other end of the spectrum, there are people frustrating and discouraging those ideating, without really knowing it. And somewhere there’s a group of people who are saying… “This product NEEDS to get to Market!”  We believe SpaceClaim solves this problem!


SpaceClaim-3D Direct Modeling Software


What would it look like in your organization if the bottleneck never occurred? What could happen to revenues if so much time wasn’t lost in the process? Can you imagine what tomorrow’s products you would already have conceptualized, designed, analyzed, produced and on the market today? Think about it… now that’s some really good Ideation.


SpaceClaim Equals Frustration Management

Can SpaceClaim Provide Frustration Management?


In all our years of doing analysis, we have discovered that waiting can be frustrating. Broken CAD. Dirty Geometry. Simulation Delays. Mounting Frustration. We have experienced all four. And this causes a significant breakdown in the entire development cycle. And when we consider all of the other people we know facing the same issues, we take the opportunity to brag about tools that can help… because we love seeing more analysts less frustrated. That is where SpaceClaim comes to the rescue.



AltaSim is excited to use SpaceClaim more and more. To us, it’s like Frustration Management! Check out the info-graphic below…


SpaceClaim Graphic



SpaceClaim Engineer allows quick and easy repair to broken CAD models and dirty geometry. The entire development process can now get back on track, and analyst frustration disappears. Watch a short video to see one of the reasons AltaSim is so excited…



Visit our SpaceClaim page to learn more and obtain a two-week trial license of the software. When you do, you might notice a couple of testimonials at the bottom of the page from our own experience. Yes, at first we did not know if  SpaceClaim would make that much difference, but these two examples alone (repeated many times) have saved us so much time and kept our waiting at a minimum. SpaceClaim does indeed provide frustration management.



SpaceClaim-COMSOL Webinar, April 10, 2013

In our “Breaking Traditions” entry, we mentioned the real life introduction to SpaceClaim that we received from COMSOL during the 2011 COMSOL Conference. Our solid model building has consumed less of our time and allowed us to focus on better analyses ever since. As is our commitment to our customers and the entire industry, when we make a discovery like this, we want to share it. We believe CAE can drive product development by optimizing models before CAD and validating results post-CAD.


That being said, on April 10, 2013 from 2:00-2:30 PM EST, we will be hosting a SpaceClaim-COMSOL webinar in which participants can actually learn how to use SpaceClaim to prepare models for analysis, as we have been doing. For those that are COMSOL users, SpaceClaim also has a LiveLink™. This from COMSOL’s website:


“LiveLink™ for the SpaceClaim® CAD system brings you the fusion of direct-modeling and multiphysics simulation in a tightly integrated environment, enabling optimal designs and collaboration across CAD and CAE teams.”


It is our experience that this 30 minute Webinar could return so much time that your projects get done faster with less energy and costs expended resulting in a healthier bottom-line. To register for this FREE Webinar, click here. You will automatically receive the Webinar access codes to confirm your participation once you register.


And if you have already been using SpaceClaim, we would love to hear of your success stories.


Breaking Traditions: COMSOL & SpaceClaim

Did you see the ad in COMSOL NEWS? The last two years COMSOL Multiphysics® (V 4.2 & 4.3) has included a Live Link™ for SpaceClaim®. This makes perfect sense to us.

We were standing at the COMSOL Conference 2011 in Boston minding our own business when Bjorn, Bernt & Phil from COMSOL came up and said, “You really need to meet these guys from SpaceClaim.” So we did. Let’s just say that the Live Link™ in the software is second only to the live link we made at the conference. We have discovered some really wonderful people in both organizations.

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