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Multiphysics simulation is a complex discipline whose processes require the attention of highly credentialed and experienced engineers, not to mention access to software, hardware, and computing power. That’s why, for most companies, especially within the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) group, strategically partnering with a rock-solid, experienced consulting team makes the most sense.

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The right partner is one who can meet you wherever you are, providing a range of guidance and capabilities to suit your needs now and into the future. AltaSim collaborates with and contributes to the work of engineering firms in several ways. Our simulation work helps engineering teams examine specific design issues that have been plaguing them. For firms that already have a working design, our models help optimize the design to ensure top performance.

Multiphysics simulation brings a wide range of physics and disciplines together under one umbrella, so designers and engineers gain a better understanding of how different forces interact with one another. It can reduce the need for testing and physical prototyping, helping to improve the overall speed for delivery, and can also help tackle complex Multiphysics problems that others cannot solve.

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