Consulting Services

Our consulting work supports the development and implementation of real-world solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, and practical. Our goal is to serve as your guide, providing real-world advice and recommendations. Allowing you the flexibility to solve issues independently or with us by your side. The consultants at AltaSim Technologies are made up of down-to-earth scientists and engineers who combine their expertise in multiphysics simulation technology with practical industrial experience.

This benefits you because we can guide you or conduct investigations on your behalf ranging from in-depth scientific research to rapid-response assessments to provide you with the critical information to support strategic developments and maintain day-to-day operations. Our consulting services have demonstrated savings for new technology and product development of up to 90% of the time and simultaneously 50% of the cost. We provide diverse experience and specialize in computational simulations of phenomena involving:

One of the first steps we take with any new client is conducting a robust onboarding program and a proprietary S3 process (Study, Simulate and Solve) to understand your needs and specifications quickly so we can tackle the issue right away. While we work with small companies to Fortune 50 companies, gain peace of mind that regardless of your business size, you have access to outsourced simulation experts and therefore capabilities equivalent to larger competitors. Read about how our S3 process benefited Rockwell Automation >>

We serve the medical products, energy, consumer products and defense/aerospace industries along with many others and perform our work within the utmost discretion of your designs and IP.


COMSOL Analysis of Flow

COMSOL Analysis of Flow


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