Services Overview

AltaSim Technologies guides engineers through Multiphysics simulation projects with less frustration and more confidence in their results, so that they can bring their products to market more rapidly, at lower costs and with optimized designs.

S3 — Our Proprietary Process

AltaSim Technologies leveraged our S3 process to identify the problem(s), develop solutions, and provide the customer with tools to sustain the desired results.


  1. Identify root causes
  2. Probe beyond the superficial
  3. Identify permanent, effective solutions
  4. Develop cross disciplinary/multifunctional solutions


  1. Isolate critical parameters that control behavior
  2. Replace traditional testing and evaluation approaches
  3. Identify tolerance to change through parametric studies
  4. Combine simulations with real world experience and knowledge
  5. Simulate complex real world problems with virtual multiphysics tools


  1. Facilitate effective, permanent solutions
  2. Promote immediate application of solutions
  3. Enhance customer capabilities to solve future problems

Putting Our Process To Use

In today's competitive marketplace most businesses are looking for ways to improve their products' technical performance while reducing or controlling costs. At AltaSim Technologies we use our S3 process to help our customer achieve these goals. The technical basis for S3 is our broad engineering experience and knowledge coupled with computational simulations. We offer our customers a range of products from turnkey solutions to customized prototype development. Technical areas in which we have expertise include:

  1. Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • HVAC
    • Electronics Cooling
    • Biomedical Applications
    • Multiphase Flow
  2. Heat Transfer
    • Conjugate heat transfer
    • Electronics Cooling
  3. Electromagnetics
    • High and low frequency
    • Circuit interference
    • High and low power
  4. Acoustics and Vibrations
  5. Structures
    • Performance/Lifetime
    • Stress Analysis
    • Thermomechnical
    • Forming
    • Joining Technologies
Rainbow Bent Tube

Flow through pipe elbow

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