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Multiphysics engineering has revolutionized the way the electronics industry designs and develops new products. Accuracy is of paramount importance when it comes to verifying and optimizing a design, and Multiphysics simulation allows engineers to accurately predict the behavior of complex electronic systems under a wide range of conditions, without having to build and test multiple physical prototypes. This helps to reduce the time and cost of the design process, while also improving the accuracy of predictions.

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AltaSim’s Multiphysics engineering simulation expertise can benefit the electronics industry in several ways:

By partnering with AltaSim, we can help identify potential issues that could lead to system failures, due to thermal stress, electromagnetic interference, or vibration. By simulating the behavior of electronic systems under different environmental conditions, engineers can design products that are more reliable and robust.

Our team collaborates with you and your team to solve your complicated engineering challenges. AltaSim provides a virtual platform for testing and evaluating performance.  We do this through our collective experience and comprehensive service technologies including:

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