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AltaSim Technologies guides engineers through Multiphysics simulation projects with less frustration and more confidence in their results, so that they can bring their products to market more rapidly, at lower costs and with optimized designs.

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COMSOL Analysis of Flow

Consulting Services

One way our experienced team of engineers and scientists provide computation simulation expertise is through our consultative services.  With the completion of more than 850 projects, we are able to apply our learning and understanding of efficiencies to tackle complex Multiphysics problems that others cannot solve. Based on our years of experience, we have created proprietary processes that can save 90% of time and 50% of costs on projects.

As consultants, our goal is to serve as your guide, providing you real-world advice and recommendations along with the flexibility to solve issues independently on your own or with us by your side.  One of the first steps we take with any new client is to conduct a robust onboarding program and to use our proprietary S3 process (Study, Simulate and Solve) to understand your needs and specifications quickly so we can tackle your issue right away.  Gain peace of mind knowing, that regardless of business size, you have access to outsourced simulation experts and therefore capabilities greater than or equivalent to your larger competitors.

Our expertise includes heat transfer, structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, acoustics, materials, electromagnetics, plasma technology, thermal management of electronic components and circuits, and fluid structure interaction.


We accelerate your capabilities through COMSOL training with our certified experts who have more than 10 years of experience with the software.  As one of the few independent consultants that provides focused, personal training courses at both the introductory and advanced level, we help you avoid learning the software through trial and error.

Training is offered through personalized classroom instruction and web-based, instructor led classes that draw upon our decades of experience in applying COMSOL Mulitphysics.

Technology Apps

Through our engagements with you, we can develop custom applications and present difficult simulations in an easy to use interface.  The apps we create allow you to gain access to more actionable data, and use that knowledge to make better design refinements in near real-time.  We know you are protective of your designs and these apps protect your IP by giving you the opportunity to conduct simulations, thus allowing for more accurate input and results.

Because the apps are user friendly, even those not trained in simulations can run them with less frustration.  As a more affordable option to costly prototyping or physical testing, and with the ability to easily make adjustments or change variables, you are able to make better products and get them to market faster by optimizing designs faster with less iteration.

Our Apps provide control of the input and problem set up, which are seamlessly integrated with automated mesh generation, solver set-up and execution of the solution for better display of the results and Multiphysics analysis.