Muffler Acoustics

Engineers who work with AltaSim Technologies bring their products to market more rapidly, at a lower cost, and with an optimized design by leveraging our guidance for implementing multiphysics simulations. To help see the impact on our clients, we have put together a brief case study of a unique solution from our simulation experts for a recent project.


A client of AltaSim designs and produces muffler products for non-automotive applications that are used in diesel and gasoline engines ranging from generators to handheld industrial drills. Our client wanted to reduce exhaust noise by modifying the muffler design without impacting the performance of the engine. Unfortunately, the client’s engineering team developed and tested prototypes for a year without achieving the noise-reduction goal.


AltaSim used our experience in simulating airflow and acoustics to develop a simulation that calculates the noise reduction of our client’s muffler and easily modifies the physical design to determine the effect of those changes on acoustic performance. AltaSim worked with and trained our client’s engineering team to systematically vary the muffler design, and calculate the acoustic performance, allowing them to develop new designs for simulation as needed.


Within four weeks and a $25,000 budget, AltaSim demonstrated a muffler design that reduced exhaust noise by 15% compared to the baseline muffler design. Our client's engineering team uses the AltaSim simulation and can produce additional new designs in a few weeks, which significantly reduces the time and cost spent on prototypes and testing.

AltaSim partners with companies to provide simulations that increase the knowledge and understanding of our clients’ engineering staff. Through these simulations, we work with our clients to develop actionable plans to solve their engineering challenges. To better understand our simulation services, visit our website for an overview. To contact us directly, please visit our Contact Us page.

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