Widgets, Plug Ins and Social Media

Widgets, Plug Ins and Social Media


(All the way) Back in 2013, we decided to rebuild our website. We had previously evaluated our site in light of Our Mission and Values and decided we could make some improvements. So we got some new widgets, and some new plug ins, and all the other bells and whistles that come with a new site, and off we went.  Since we “harness tomorrow’s technology to enable our customers to capture today’s markets” it only made since that we figured out better ways to communicate. From our vantage point, we were a group of engineering analysts trying to be more sociable.

There are three major commitments we take out of our Mission:

  1. Provide lasting value to our customers
  2. Apply technology to enhance the capabilities of our customers
  3. Continue to make an ongoing technical contribution to society

That means going forward in 2014 we will be using our website and all of our other Social Media outlets (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) to communicate the heart of what we do here at AltaSim Technologies. If we do this correctly, it will not take on the appearance of self-promotion but rather, serving our customers and our communities. Along the way, if you see anything that you believe would help others whom you know, feel free to share it with them using the easiest means available.

Our articles and blogs automatically populate to Facebook and Twitter. This is so readers can easily access and share as they desire. For example, if you are reading this from our Blog, you will see at the bottom of this post a pink “Share” button. This allows you to share our content quickly and easily with your Social Networks. In this manner, all of us get to participate in helping others grow, while making the commitment to grow ourselves.




We are excited about a technologically-advanced 2014 that sees our customers’ enhanced capabilities make huge contributions to society! As always, your comments and dialogue are welcome and desired on the topics we share. Until then, let’s go harness tomorrow’s technology today.