Our Values and Mission

"I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Our Values

At AltaSim we believe that values are not just words, they are what we live by. To better understand us and the value that we can bring, here are a few of our "core values":

  1. Honesty
    • Seek to convey a realistic understanding in all situations
    • Do not knowingly over commit to our internal or external customers
    • Operate ethically with the highest integrity in all matters
  2. Excellence
    • The value we provide will lead the market
    • We continuously strive to grow our talents, gifts and abilities
  3. Respect
    • Everyone has individual and collective value
  4. Trustworthiness
    • Consistently apply our core values
    • Constantly seek to build and demonstrate trust
    • Demonstrate reliable performance
  5. Responsibility
    • Put aside self interest to meet the needs of each other, our business and our customers
    • Consistently demonstrate loyalty to the objectives of our business
  6. Courage of our Convictions
    • Confident in our authority to operate our business
    • Act boldly to grow the business and serve our customers

Our Mission

AltaSim Technologies is more than a collection of highly skilled engineers solving problems associated with complex analyses and advanced multiphysics computational simulations. We are also a team that is drawn together by a common sense of purpose that is reflected in our mission statement:

"At AltaSim Technologies, we harness tomorrow's technology to enable our customers to capture today's markets."

Embedded in this statement is a commitment to:

  1. Provide lasting value to our customers
  2. Apply technology to enhance the capabilities of our customers
  3. Continue to make an ongoing technical contribution to society

We are Dedicated to Your Success!

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