Aviation Week A&D Companies to Watch List

Aviation Week Announces A & D Companies to Watch List

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When a group of people have their heads down working hard towards a goal, they tend not to pay attention to most of the things going on around them. So when they are informed that their name appeared on “a list“, its a little (or a lot) awkward to acknowledge it. That’s how we feel having discovered that AltaSim Technologies has been named one of Aviation Weeks A&D Companies to Watch.  Thanks to the customer who nominated us. We appreciate your kind gesture.


Our successful use of COMSOL Multiphysics to serve a customer compelled them to nominate us for this award. This came about as we were helping them with the development of future generation microelectronic devices. While we are proud to be nominated, we are humbled to know that our relationship with this customer makes it possible in the first place. And when we read the entire list, we are doubly-humbled. See for yourself… use the link below to see the full listing.




From Aviation Week’s site: “Big business may command headlines, but businesses with less than $100 million in revenue tend to drive the innovation engines of aerospace and defense. Tier 2 and 3 companies garner 13 times more patents per employee than large firms. With less bureaucracy, they have the agility to be more responsive to market ups-and-downs and able to take advantage of technology innovations and changes in demand.


Working with defense and aerospace leaders, Aviation Week is identifying companies that will make a difference in the future.


Companies will be vetted by a panel of aerospace and defense executives and weighted and evaluated in terms of future partnerships, M&A, emerging technologies and capabilities. The top five companies to watch will be spotlighted at the upcoming A&D Programs Conference taking place November 13-14 in Phoenix, AZ. All qualified companies will be included in a one-stop-shop buyer’s guide that will be distributed at ADP and to Aviation Week’s leading A&D professionals.”


Thanks for the nomination and congrats to all those on the list. Now, back to work…!