Rockwell Automation Case Study

Saving Time and Money for Rockwell Automation

Problem: As it looked to improve product functionality, Rockwell Automation relied on developing physical prototypes to test heat sink design for its powerful microprocessor chips. This approach left mechanical engineers scrambling at the end of the design cycle to find an electronics cooling solution that would fit the prototypes.


Solution: Rockwell leveraged AltaSim’s extensive simulation expertise to quickly deliver accurate simulations through increasingly complex models for a wide range of product design calculations. AltaSim and Rockwell worked together through multiple meetings to fully understand the current situation facing Rockwell’s heat sink design process. This work included developing parallel simulations and experiments (conducted by Rockwell) to increase confidence in future design simulations. AltaSim developed three different simulation methods to provide Rockwell with the combination of turnaround time and accuracy that they required for their unique design situations.


Result: These simulations enabled Rockwell to test electronics cooling solutions prior to the costly development of the first physical prototypes. This approach reduced Rockwell’s reliance on physical prototyping, driving down both the length and cost of the design cycle by a minimum of 50% for each. The mechanical engineers were able to proactively design heat sinks prior to physical prototype development leading to better designs with less time constraints and stress.