Reducing the Need for Physical Prototyping with Sensor Design Webinar

This past month, AltaSim hosted a webinar in conjunction with COMSOL and Tech Briefs, where they demonstrated how to reduce the need for physical prototyping with sensor design. Through a live demonstration of sensor simulation using Multiphysics software, they showed how Multiphysics simulation captures the physical behavior of sensors more accurately than single physics simulations.ProductImageSAWSensorModel

Our hosts, Kyle Koppenhoefer, President of AltaSim Technologies, and Joshua Thomas, a senior engineer at AltaSim, shared how their work with customers aims to identify the use of computational analysis and its contribution to solutions regarding product design and manufacturing processes.

On any given day, AltaSim is working on a dozen consulting projects for their customers, where their team is working alongside the customer’s team to provide valuable input and solutions to problems at hand. A recent customer developed a product, yet still faced significant engineering challenges. The collaborative efforts of the two teams and how they overcame barriers was the premise of this Webinar.

Attendees also learned how simulation helps engineers reduce the need for physical prototyping and testing, how to improve their understanding of sensor performance, and how to reduce the time and cost required to develop new sensor products.

Sensors play a critical role in enabling automation for a variety of industries, and the numbers and types of sensors have grown significantly in recent years. This growth can be attributed to the new and better ways engineers are finding to detect physical or environmental changes and convert them into measurable data. Multiphysics simulation plays a key role in developing these sensors.

If you weren’t able to attend this webinar, you can access the recording here.

Start making plans now for our next webinar on November 2, 2023 on “Electric Components for Electric Grid to Accommodate Green Energy.”