Adapting the Electrical Grid for Green Energy Webinar

Earlier this month, AltaSim hosted a webinar in conjunction with COMSOL that focused on Adapting the Electrical Grid for Green Energy. Our host, Josh Thomas, a senior engineer at AltaSim Technologies, shared how the renewable energy industry has matured substantially over the past two decades. Picture1

Currently, the renewable energy industry provides more than 20% of the country’s overall electricity generation, with plans to triple that amount over the next decade. Wind and solar are the primary sources of renewable energy, and because these are intermittent in nature, storing this significant energy becomes a critical aspect of modernizing the electricity grid.

Battery storage is also growing at record rates, so to meet the demand for this energy storage, companies must commercialize the next-generation energy storage technologies.

Through a live demonstration of COMSOL Multiphysics® software, Thomas showed how:

  • Simulations capture the physical behavior of energy storage so designers can test concepts quickly
  • Engineers can reduce the need for physical prototyping and testing
  • Engineers will improve their understanding of their technologies
  • Companies can reduce the time and cost required to develop new energy storage technologies

In addition, the webinar featured an in-depth discussion of an actual customer who required a new battery design to reduce the cost of energy storage and needed to be able to show proof of the concept. AltaSim became the customer’s simulation group, developed an understanding of the customer’s unique engineering and design performance challenges, and presented a technology solution to meet the customer’s needs.

If you weren’t able to attend this webinar, you can access the recording here. For those who weren’t already registered, you will need to complete the short registration form to access the webinar recording.

We also hosted a webinar in August 2023, which was titled Reducing the Need for Physical Prototyping with Sensor Design. The focus of this webinar was how to reduce the need for physical prototyping with sensor design through a live demonstration of sensor simulation using Multiphysics software.