Lens Cracking and Distortion

AltaSim guides engineers through multiphysics simulations so they can bring their products to market more rapidly, at a lower cost and with an optimized design. To help better understand what that looks like, we have put together a brief case study of how our simulation gurus provided a practical solution in a recent project.


One of AltaSim's recent clients develops optical devices that include a thin film coating on a glass lens. This coating modifies the element's reflection and/or transmission to change the optical performance of the component. During manufacturing, our client experienced high cracking rates and excessive distortion in some lenses. Engineers thought that residual stress developed during manufacturing produced the distortion and cracking. However, they were unsure how the design parameters combined to create the cracking and distortion. Thus, our client was unable to reduce their product scrap rate. Our client realized that the development of a simulation tool to represent their product was outside the capabilities of their team.


Our client leveraged AltaSim's extensive expertise in developing multiphysics simulations to develop an application that simulated a wide range of design variables, including geometry and material properties. Our client's engineers could use this simple App to run design cases. AltaSim developed the initial App within three (3) weeks and for an investment of less than $15,000.


This approach enabled our client to assess a wide range of design options using their product experts and thus keeping their intellectual property within their company. Our client also was able to reduce their scrap rate due to cracking and distortion by 80% using designs developed through the Simulation App.

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