SpaceClaim Equals Frustration Management

Can SpaceClaim Provide Frustration Management?


In all our years of doing analysis, we have discovered that waiting can be frustrating. Broken CAD. Dirty Geometry. Simulation Delays. Mounting Frustration. We have experienced all four. And this causes a significant breakdown in the entire development cycle. And when we consider all of the other people we know facing the same issues, we take the opportunity to brag about tools that can help… because we love seeing more analysts less frustrated. That is where SpaceClaim comes to the rescue.



AltaSim is excited to use SpaceClaim more and more. To us, it’s like Frustration Management! Check out the info-graphic below…


SpaceClaim Graphic



SpaceClaim Engineer allows quick and easy repair to broken CAD models and dirty geometry. The entire development process can now get back on track, and analyst frustration disappears. Watch a short video to see one of the reasons AltaSim is so excited…



Visit our SpaceClaim page to learn more and obtain a two-week trial license of the software. When you do, you might notice a couple of testimonials at the bottom of the page from our own experience. Yes, at first we did not know if  SpaceClaim would make that much difference, but these two examples alone (repeated many times) have saved us so much time and kept our waiting at a minimum. SpaceClaim does indeed provide frustration management.