AltaSim Training


For many years, instructor-led training was the only available option for students seeking to learn.  In recent years, e-learning has become another method of learning.  Both methods provide value to students.  E-learning educates students on specific, concise topics at a much lower cost than instructor-led training.  However, e-learning does not fit every learning situation.
AltaSim trains our students to solve problems using COMSOL Multiphysics through instructor-led training provided in our classroom or delivered via the web.  In both cases, the training is live and led by an instructor.  We believe that this approach to training provides significant benefits, because COMSOL Multiphysics solves highly complex problems.  For these types of problems, having a live instructor has proven to be extremely valuable to our students.  In our classes, highly skilled instructors answer our student’s difficult questions with detailed answers backed up by 10+ years of experience.  Our instructors use COMSOL Multiphysics every day to solve difficult problems for our clients.  In addition, they have extensive experience translating that learning into their teaching.
We have also observed the power of learning in a classroom.  Students learn from each other through their interactions in the classroom, and by hearing answers to other student’s questions.  In our advanced classes, the students are all working in similar physics (e.g., CFD, RF, acoustics), and the cross pollination of ideas has been powerful.
Our students are typically high-value employees of their companies, and instructor-led training is an excellent investment in these employees.  They feel valued by being able to attend high-quality training, and the training helps them be more efficient and effective in their problem solving.
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