Advanced Materials Show USA

We recently exhibited at the Advanced Materials Show USA and as a first-time exhibitor, we went in with limited expectations.

Over the course of the two-day show, we quickly learned what an honor it was to be among more than 100 other exhibiting leaders in the industry to not only learn more about the latest in high-performance materials technology but also to share our knowledge and expertise on how Multiphysics simulation can benefit the advanced materials industry.

As one of the Technology Showcase presenters, our president Kyle Koppenhoefer, and our VP of Sales David Jones, gave a presentation titled “Using Multiphysics Computer Simulation to Speed New Product Design.” Their presentation highlighted a couple of case studies as examples of how we have applied our Multiphysics computer simulation expertise to help companies in the advanced materials space. Presentation stage picture

One case study showed how AltaSim’s experienced team of engineers helped a company control the dehydration of material during processing, helping them to reduce drying time by 50% and saving them $5M per year.

In another example, we shared how our team was able to help in the design of a plasma-based manufacturing process, where we developed operating parameters in 3 months, giving our customer a precise understanding of process control. Our early work on this project appears in this case study.

To see the presentation and to learn more about how Multiphysics simulation can benefit the advanced materials industry, click here:

We’re already planning for and looking forward to next year’s Advanced Materials Show in Pittsburgh, PA!