Training & Teaching Helps Us Grow

Training & Teaching Helps Us Grow


One of the Core Values we keep coming back to is #6 – “Courage of our Convictions.” Taking into consideration our other Core Values, we understand it is a fine line we walk when we communicate confidence in our authority to operate our business and act boldly to grow the business and serve our customers. Simply saying “we want to serve our customers” does not really mean anything unless we back it up with actions. That is precisely why we dig around and look for COMSOL Tips & Tricks to share often – monthly if possible. In case you missed them, below are several links you can use to access previously shared Tips & Tricks. Our desire is that you would benefit and grow in your ability to solve using COMSOL Multiphysics®.


Using the Free Tetrahedral

New in v5.0-Parametric Sweeps

Built In Capabilities

Stress and Strain Variables


And clicking on any one of these links will give you access to our complete Archives… so help yourself.


But we know that Tips & Tricks is not enough, and since we use COMSOL everyday in our own consulting work, we continue to look for ways to blend our experience with our desire to see others thoroughly trained in the use of COMSOL. In fact, we want to utilize our expertise to help others become experts. As a result, we humbly share our 6-Month COMSOL Training Calendar as another option for you to go deeper and grow better skills in solving. The link below represents the Training Classes we offer over the next six months.


Six Month Training Calendar


If you have any questions whatsoever about any of these classes regarding content, instructors, desired outcomes, etc, we welcome your inquiry. You can use the “Training Inquiries” form on our COMSOL Training page, send an email to, or call us at (614) 861-7015.


One thing we know – we grow when we help you grow!