COMSOL Workshops


COMSOL Workshops

Over the years, our association with COMSOL has grown from one of novice user to avid user to COMSOL Certified Consultant to experts who provide Training Classes to help new and existing users maximize their use of COMSOL Multiphysics. Last fall, we had several conversations with COMSOL about a possible new association. As a result, this year we have been visiting Ohio cities with COMSOL staff members helping to conduct monthly free COMSOL Workshops.


Each workshop includes an overview of COMSOL in the morning during which AltaSim staff provide demonstrations of multiphysics modeling and discuss the functionality of different modules of COMSOL Multiphysics based on our real-world experience. The afternoon portion of each workshop focuses on a specific physics that changes each month as we make our way around the state. Some attendees stay for only the morning session and some stay for the entire day depending on topic and interest. So far, we have found four basic reasons people attend:


  1. You may be looking at COMSOL for the first time wondering if it is the kind of tool that can help
  2. You may already be a casual user needing some basic help
  3. You may be working through a free two-week trial trying to solve a specific problem
  4. You may be very adept at using COMSOL but still looking to grow your proficiency


In January, Kyle and Josh started our Ohio workshops in Independence focusing on Heat Transfer & Structural Mechanics. In February, Kyle and Luke were in Columbus covering Heat Transfer & Fluid Flow. In March, Kyle and Josh went to Toledo and taught on Heat Transfer & Structural Mechanics. This month, Kyle and Sergei were in Fairborn teaching about the App Builder & Aerospace Applications.


Below are links for the workshops we will be conducting over the next two months.


Cincinnati, OH May 21, 2015 – App Builder & Biomedical Workshop


Independence, OH June 4, 2015 – App Builder & Biomedical Workshop


As founding members of the COMSOL Certified Consultants program we combine our expertise in COMSOL Multiphysics® and our ability to extend its functionality with our in-depth knowledge of physics, mechanics, computational science and real world processes to a wide range of applications. Our desire in these free workshops is to help each attendee discover how together AltaSim and COMSOL can help them solve their challenging design problems in new ways that will have an impact on their business.

We will provide additional information about upcoming workshops through our monthly email newsletter. If you would like to receive this information directly in your email, then subscribe by entering your name and email address in the “Newsletter Registration” section on the right side of the webpage.