An AltaSim Thanksgiving

AltaSim has much to be Thankful for.


As we approach Thanksgiving, all of us at AltaSim decided to share one or two technologies we are thankful for. Here’s our list:


Jeff – I am thankful for the Turkey Deep Fryer… and for Fire Extinguishers! (And I’m glad I don’t have to eat Pumpkin Pie.)

Kyle – I am thankful for convection ovens that brown the turkey more quickly! (I am also thankful for the “Off” button on cell phones so my kids can’t text while eating!)

Sergei -Microwaves… what other technology is needed?

Luke – I am thankful for Plasma TV – It is great for the food network!

Josh – I am thankful that Oven Mitts can protect your hands from the Hot and the Cold!

Hardeep – I am thankful for the Microwave that can heat whatever is in my fridge! And I’m thankful for the cell phone I used to order whatever is in my fridge.


We are very thankful for COMSOL Multiphysics®, and SpaceClaim Engineer, and Ansys Icepak, and other tools we use every day. We are thankful for the people behind these tools and the relationships that have grown year to year.


We know it sounds cliche’, but we are mostly thankful for our customers. Without our customers, many of whom have a long-term partnership with us, our daily computational analysis and multiphysics activities would look more like energy-draining, time-consuming hobbies than technology-building, problem-preventing passion. Our customers amaze us at times – the ideas they come up with and put into motion – all of us at AltaSim are very thankful that we get to join with them, challenge them, encourage them, serve them. We are thankful for all of you who have registered for one of our many training classes over the last year. Our desire is to see more and more people grow in their ability to harness tomorrow’s technology today.


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at AltaSim!