Technology Apps

Routine use of computational analysis can support iterative product and technology development, identify sensitivities in product design and manufacturing processes, and assess the safe operating range of technologies. To enable the more effective exploitation of computational analysis, AltaSim Technologies has developed technology specific “apps” that contain simplified interfaces to control the problem set up and develop an appropriate solution using underlying computational analysis routines whose operation is hidden from the user. In this way, a wide range of personnel can take advantage of the results of computational analysis to advance their own products and technology. An example of an app developed to simulate the reaction melt infiltration process for the manufacture of ceramic matrix composites can be seen below.

Liquid infiltration front during RMI CMC manufacturing.
Liquid infiltration front during RMI CMC manufacturing.

The user interface (UI) allows restricted user input for specific parameters; in addition predefined inputs are available as defaults allowing the user flexibility to input proprietary data for their specific manufacturing technology and materials. Simple geometries can be constructed or imported through standard CAD files. Automated output is provided to the user such as fluid infiltration front, temperature distribution, phase distribution, residual stress distribution and component distortion.

Residual Stress and Distortion
Displacement of component after infiltration due to induced residual stresses.