Multiphysics Problem Solving

As founding members of the COMSOL Certified Consultants program, AltaSim’s scientists and engineers are experts at applying COMSOL Multiphysics for problem solving of real world multiphysics-based challenges. We work closely with our customers to develop an in depth understanding of the problem and the constraints to implementing a solution, define a program of work to investigate the situation and identify the most effective strategy for solving the problem with COMSOL Multiphysics. Our experience using COMSOL Multiphysics on a daily basis means that we are aware of multiple features essential to obtaining an accurate solution efficiently. By integrating lessons learned from different applications with our fundamental scientific and engineering knowledge and experience we have been able to apply our problem solving capabilities to multiphysics based problems previously considered intractable.


Multiphysics problem solving
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AltaSim’s customers make use of our COMSOL Multiphysics analysis capabilities to understand how a product or process functions, identify the effect of changes to operation or design, assess the viability of innovative technology and develop functioning prototypes in the virtual computer environment rather than pursuing the traditional time consuming and expensive cycle of manufacture-test-redesign. In addition to providing solutions we also enable our customers to operate independently by either setting up the appropriate COMSOL Multiphysics computational analysis file for the customer to perform their own parametric studies or by providing proof of concept that COMSOL Multiphysics can provide solutions to their problems before they purchase a license. We have successfully applied COMSOL Multiphysics analyses coupled with sensitivity and optimization studies to isolate and quantify the influence of key parameters for safe operation of innovative technology, to identify the significance of key parameters controlling performance or product yield, to define parameters requiring strict control to maintain safe operation and to identify specifications and tolerances that must be maintained to ensure consistent, high quality production.




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