Impact of Simulation on Acoustic Design – Case Study

Impact of Simulation on Acoustic Design

Problem: One of AltaSim’s recent clients struggled to develop unique transportation solutions for urban environments. The product includes an array of acoustic sensors to assess the surrounding urban conditions to safely navigate on city streets. The physical prototypes did not provide the expected response, and our client had a short time-window to develop an improved design for field testing. This left the design engineers unsure how to modify the design to achieve their goals.

Solution: Our client leveraged AltaSim’s extensive expertise to develop virtual prototypes of multiple sensor designs to assess these concepts more rapidly than traditional physical prototyping. The client developed their design concepts and provided the CAD models to AltaSim’s acoustic simulations experts. Our team of simulation gurus developed the needed results on all designs within three weeks so our client could finalize their sensor design.  In addition, AltaSim trained the client’s engineers on these simulation methods to be used in future testing.

Result: These simulations enabled our client to develop an improved sensor design in less than half of the time compared to physical prototyping. By using AltaSim for their simulation needs, the engineers were able to select a new sensor design on which to conduct experiments. The new sensor design is being tested for the new generation of their product.