Radio Frequency Simulations for Long Distance Communications

AltaSim Technologies guides engineers through multiphysics simulations so they can bring their products to market more rapidly, at a lower cost and with an optimized design. To help see how working with AtlaSim impacts our clients, we have put together a brief case study of how our simulation experts provided a unique solution in a recent project.


One of AltaSim’s recent clients is designing a device that floats in the ocean and communicates with ships located kilometers away. The client wanted to be confident their antenna design would enable transmission even when the buoy was in rough seas. Thus, they wanted to optimize the link budget and signal-to-noise ratio for their design prior to building and testing. The engineers were not experts in simulation and had no way to simulate the electromagnetic wave propagation from their design. Our client needed to develop this simulation capability and then simulate their product for numerous sea states.


Our client leveraged AltaSim’s extensive expertise to develop a simulation capability that represented their antenna design. The solution combined simulation of the antenna with analytic solutions to calculate the design variables over many kilometers. This capability was packaged into a simulation application that used a simple user interface to collect input values from the user and output the key performance parameters. AltaSim trained our clients to use this simulation application to conduct analyses at many different sea states.


This simulation application enabled our client to generate proprietary data for specific use cases of interest. They were able to use the simulation application and training provided by AltaSim to conduct these simulations without the need to purchase and learn simulation software. They also were able to test designs virtually and build confidence in their design before incurring the cost of building physical prototypes. Engineers were able to test a dozen new design concepts per week. With physical prototyping and testing taking six months and costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, the savings of time and money generated by this simulation app are significant.

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