P.R.I.D.E. = A True Success Story

Reviewing our work and looking at our other posts, it is easy to wonder if we ever talk about anything other than COMSOL or SpaceClaim or Tech Briefs or Multiphysics, etc? Our response… “What else is there?” (Just kidding.)

Well actually, there is something else… People! Behind all these tools and talents and breakthrough discoveries and cutting edge innovations, there are people. And every once in awhile, we like to point out some of the people who are doing some high quality work… people who have brought together all kinds of resources & tools & talents to create and/or innovate in very special ways.

One such group of people is the people at MED Institute, Inc., not only because of the excellent, life-giving work they do, but also because of the way they do it. The people at Med Institute, Inc. literally take PRIDE in their work. (Taken directly from their web site – https://www.medinst.com/portal/web/guest/quality/)

The principles of the Quality Management System are simple; remember to take PRIDE in your work:

  • Produce Quality
  • Report Problems
  • Improve the Systems
  • Document for Others
  • Everyone is Responsible

While we get to do some pretty cool work in this industry, we wonder how many people are alive and well simply due to the fact that people at MED Institute, Inc. get up and go to work (with PRIDE) every day to come up with modern medical marvels. They give us a really powerful illustration of “what else there is!” Join with us in recognizing and congratulating the People at MED Institute, Inc. We are certain they will continue to produce high quality, life-saving, life-giving results. This includes new product identification, prototype development, nonclinical Good Laboratory Practice testing, clinical study management and data analysis, education for the medical community, and preparation of regulatory submissions.


Has your life been touched by MED Institute, Inc in anyway?