Student Testimonials

Our goal is that each student draw on our experience as COMSOL Certified Consultants to understand how to use COMSOL Multiphysics to solve their problems.  Here is how we are doing:

I took the Multiphysics Solutions using COMSOL Multiphysics: An Introductory Training Course. It helped me jump start my understanding of COMSOL and how to build simulation models as well as visualize the results. I don’t regularly use COMSOL in my daily work so it is hard to remember all I learned. As a result, I often refer back to the class notes to help me remember how to do a specific task or what settings are needed to accomplish a specific action. The class and notes are valuable as a reference. AltaSim does a good job of training their students. I would recommend them for COMSOL training.

Jim Vinson ~~ Renesas Electronics Corp.


I attended two training courses titled "Electromagnetics in COMSOL Multiphysics: AC/DC" and "RF and Wave Optics" where I gained the necessary fundamental knowledge to dig deeper and obtain what is needed to enhance my research work. The efforts Dr. Yushanov invested in delivering the fundamental concepts have greatly helped to strengthen my understanding in building models and run simulations efficiently. These courses have also helped me to gain the required knowledge within a relatively short period of time. Thus, AltaSim Technologies, given its prestigious reputation in COMSOL training, is and will always be my first choice for training courses, as it provides all required knowledge for the most ideal habitat for my career aspiration in performing academic research.

Ahmad Darwish ~~ TAMU


Being the first in my company to use COMSOL, I needed some expert assistance in order to climb the learning curve quickly. Full-time scientists who have used COMSOL in their research on a daily basis, the instructors at AltaSim Technologies formed the perfect group of experts to convey the key concepts in their four-day intensive, hands-on workshop. Besides working through tons of heuristic model exercises they had created specifically to help us acquire familiarity with the COMSOL modeling environment, we were also encouraged to bring a problem related to our own work so that they could assist us in tackling a real-world model that would be most relevant to us. By the end of the four-day workshop, I felt much more familiar with building a variety of models from scratch and even creating customized meshes and navigating some of the solver settings.

I should add that I found the introductory class so valuable that when we purchased COMSOL's RF Module, I traveled back to Ohio to take the RF class and also the Solvers course. Thanks to the rapid skillset acquisition conveyed by the folks at AltaSim, I am now the go-to guy at my company for COMSOL models.

Sam Parler ~~ Cornell Dubilier


AltaSim's Heat Transfer training was excellent and I highly recommend it. The instructor was knowledgeable about both the software and the physical theory, and explained both very well in the planned course of the lesson and when questions were asked. The content of the course was rigorous, going through all major features of the Heat Transfer module as well as some special features that I would not have know about otherwise. The worked examples also showed how to couple Heat Transfer physics to other modules, such as Fluid Dynamics. Further the pedagogical approach of working through examples from initial setup all the way through post-processing taught me lots of useful tips and tricks for using COMSOL that, while not strictly related to Heat Transfer, will be very useful when doing any kind of modeling.

The course materials, consisting of a binder of all the slides as well as a flash drive with the source files and finished versions of the worked examples, serve as excellent reference materials after the training is complete. A great touch, was the opportunity to speak one-on-one with an AltaSim specialist at the conclusion of the training to get personalized advice for the problem I was trying to solve. This was invaluable. Lastly, the staff were very communicative and friendly. I had a great time sitting and talking with them during the lunch breaks. In brief, I learned more from this two-day training than I would from two months of exploring COMSOL on my own.

The online Solver Setting course was excellent.  It demystified the settings and options within the Solver Node and explained how those options relate to COMSOL's underlying mathematics.  Josh, the instructor, was knowledgeable and clear in his explanations and was great about taking questions and following up with detailed information.  The course slides are very useful as reference materials.  The day after taking the course, I obtained convergence in a previously non-convergent model.

Gabriel Levine ~~ Los Alamos National Laboratory


I found the recent course offering, Solving COMSOL Multiphysics Problems (web-based) to be well organized and excellently presented.  The instructors were very well prepared and their example problems were true to 'real world' experiences.  I was thoroughly impressed with the depth of knowledge and experience that they had in regards to both the use/understanding of COMSOL and its application to engineering problems.  I have recommended this course to my colleagues.

Issa Kalil ~~ Altus Well Experts


The quality of training offered by AltaSim for the COMSOL Multiphysics modeling platform is positively impressive, and the material covered is valuable.  Having stayed for the CFD, Heat Transfer, and Solver Setting courses, I can attest that the quality of instruction was consistently excellent and focused on practical example problems illustrating key concepts, tips and tricks for modeling with COMSOL.  Most importantly, the examples chosen are different from those provided in COMSOL application libraries.  Lecture notes provided with each course are reference-quality material for a practicing modeler and focus on the most useful settings that can make or break a simulation.

Denis Shcherbakov ~~ Firmenich Inc


AltaSim has provided the best training experience I've come across in my career.  I've taken both online and in-person COMSOL classes with AltaSim and highly recommend both.  The course material is thorough, the example problems are useful, and the instructors are exceedingly knowledgeable.

Emily Wigley


What some of our other students say:

  • "At first I thought it would be too overwhelming, but Josh, Luke and Sergei, along with all the practice problems, made it understandable."
  • "I strongly recommended this course to others."
  • "I can’t wait to get back to the office and apply all of this, knowing they are available if I get stuck."