Heat Transfer in HVAC Ducts

Engineers who work with AltaSim Technologies bring their products to market more rapidly, at a lower cost, and with an optimized design by leveraging our guidance for implementing multiphysics simulations. To illustrate the impact we have on our clients, we have put together a brief case study of a recent project using a unique solution from our simulation experts.


A client of AltaSim’s designs and produces heating, ventilating, and air conditioning solutions for mission-critical systems in the desert. Our client was challenged with delivering a system with precise specifications in a shorter than typical time frame. Another challenge was the ducting of the system would be exposed to sunlight for most of the time. Because of the high cost of reproducing the design environment, our client’s engineers were unable to test prototypes under the existing operating environment.


AltaSim was able to simulate multiple design options for our client by modeling air flow and radiative heating. These simulation results gave our client’s engineers an understanding of how design variables influenced the heating of the flowing air within the HVAC ducting; and helped them specify the compressor capacity for the HVAC unit to provide air at the required temperature.


AltaSim’s team was able to provide a cost-effective design for the ducts, and our client was able to move forward with their HVAC system design after four weeks of simulation work, compared to the anticipated nine-month prototype design/build time frame. In addition, our client was able to reduce the cost of prototyping from $600k to $200k with an investment of $35k in simulation with AltaSim Technologies.

AltaSim partners with companies to provide simulations that increase the knowledge and understanding of our clients’ engineering staff. Through these simulations, we work with our clients to develop actionable plans to solve their engineering challenges. To better understand our simulation services, visit our website for an overview. To contact us directly, please visit our Contact Us page.

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May 2024 Case Study