FEA (Finite Element Analysis) – Critical Questions to Ask

FEA (Finite Element Analysis) – Critical Questions to Ask

Jack Thornton, MINDFEED Marcomm, wrote an excellent article on FEA that we really thought would be good to share – “Questions Decision Makers Should Ask About Computer Simulations”.


Thornton starts out his article with the following two paragraphs:


“The computerization of engineering (and everything else) has imposed new burdens on managers and executives who must make critical decisions.  Where once they struggled with too little information they now struggle with too much.  Until roughly three decades ago, time and money were plowed into searching for more and better information.  Today, time and money disappear into making sense of myriad computer simulations.


For all but the best-organized decision makers, these opposite situations have proven equally frustrating.  For nearly all of engineering history, critical decisions were based on a few pieces of seemingly credible data, a handful of measurements, and hand-drawn sketches a la Leonardo da Vinci—leavened with hands-on experience and large dollops of intuition.”


You can access the full article (Questions Decision Makers Should Ask.pdf) through our White Papers.  https://altasimtechnologies.com/technology-overview/white-papers/


We encourage you to read the full article and apply the questions to your own processes. We believe this will help foster positive growth  in our industry.