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AltaSim guides engineers through multiphysics simulations so they can bring their products to market more rapidly, at a lower cost and with an optimized design. To help better understand what that looks like, we have put together a brief case study of how our simulation gurus provided a practical solution in a recent project.


One of AltaSim's recent clients designs and manufactures components for high-conductivity electrical power applications. The customer required a custom product design that met or exceeded a stringent requirement on inductance. The cost of developing and testing prototype solutions concerned our client. They wanted to be confident that the design would pass the inductance requirement before they built a prototype.


Our client leveraged AltaSim's extensive expertise in developing electromagnetic models to simulate their product design. These low-frequency electromagnetic simulations calculated the mutual inductance of their design for a range of frequencies and product sizes. Engineers at our client were able to understand the effects of product size and signal frequency on inductance.


The simulations showed engineers and managers that the proposed design met the inductance requirements for all operating conditions within the required specification. They had these results within two (2) weeks and were able to move forward confidently with their prototype manufacturing and testing. Manufacturing and testing of this prototype component cost our client $50,000 per iteration. They were able to develop a single prototype that met the design specifications.

These simulations represent low-frequency electromagnetics. Click here to learn more about simulating electromagnetic problems.

In addition to developing simulations for our clients, AltaSim also trains engineers to develop these simulations. Click here for more information on our training class  Electromagnetics in COMSOL Multiphysics: AC/DC

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