A Step Above the Rest

Altasim logoHere at AltaSim Technologies, we are more than a collection of highly skilled engineers solving problems associated with complex analyses and advanced Multiphysics computational simulations. We are also a team that is drawn together by a common sense of purpose, and we pride ourselves in the relationships we build with our clients–relationships built on trust.

We consider ourselves an extension of your engineering team. You have full access to our expertise, with one main advantage of that is you have the ability to use us when you need us. Rather than paying for what you don’t need or aren’t currently using, our team works for you when the demand is there. This type of relationship ensures you won’t need to hire multiple COMSOL engineering firms and experts that require payment for a service you don’t utilize daily.

We have the unique ability to take on multiple projects at once through effective planning, organization, and time management. Part of this includes our leaders communicating with several departments at once to ensure your involvement every step of the way.

One great example of the relationships we build and maintain is with our proprietary clients. Through years of working together and after many of our simulations, they have been able to increase their understanding and test design concepts before physical prototyping. They have reaped the benefits of our resources including time savings in going from idea to product and reducing experimental testing and evaluation expenses.

We offer a low-cost, high-quality way to get simulations in multiple divisions. Our specialized expertise is what we offer; it manifests in various forms, including:

  • Industry knowledge
  • Technical skills
  • Market expertise
  • Customer focus
  • Operational excellence

Our strong reputation in the industry, backed by successful customer outcomes and testimonials, allows us to support our clients in the way they need and with full confidentiality. Through collective efforts and a long-term commitment to those within our company, we can drive industry growth and deliver the essentials.