COMSOL 4.3 – Tricks & Tips – What’s New?


Isn’t it great when your most reliable toys (oops, we mean tools) get updated? COMSOL 4.3 was released on May 17, and already we have been collecting tricks & tips that we’ve found in this new version. We couldn’t wait any longer to share with you…!

The 3 main tips we believe you should know right away are:

  • Not too long ago for geometries built in COMSOL, only the finalized geometry could be imported, and individual steps could not be modified, but now there’s more than one way to import. Now the geometry sequence can be imported, so that the individual steps of a geometry sequence can be modified one at a time giving more options on how to get to a solution. To import a geometric sequence from another mph file in your Model Builder window, right-click on your geometry node and select “Insert Sequence From File”.  Then, browse for the mph file that contains the geometric sequence that you’d like to add to your current mph file.  Read more ›

COMSOL Tips & Tricks

Another new year means another opportunity to talk COMSOL Tips & Tricks. Last year, we held our four-day COMSOL Training Classes six times, and each class reminded us that there are some highly useful and practical tips and tricks we have picked up along the way. Here are a few more for you to consider:

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