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Integration of computational analysis into any product or technology development cycle provides advantages in the critical areas of product launch date, cost of development and product quality. This advantage is being used by leading companies to establish, gain and protect market share at the expense of those companies who ignore the benefits of modeling and simulation. In companies where modeling and simulation is established there remains a significant opportunity to extend its reach by replacing traditional engineering based approximations that may have been codified in company guidelines, industry codes of practice or individual spreadsheets by predictive physics based computational analysis. Simulation Apps can capture expert knowledge and present it in a way that it is easily and readily accessible for use by a wider group of scientists and engineers to make informed decisions during the development and implementation of new technology.


To enable more effective exploitation of Simulation Apps, AltaSim Technologies has developed Simulation Apps for specific company use as well as a suite of products covering a wide range of physical phenomena for general use by scientists and engineers. This has allowed a wide range of personnel to take advantage of the results of computational analysis to advance their products and technology.


AltaSim’s Simulation Apps available for general use are:



HeatSinkSIM: Optimizes the design of a vertically oriented, plate fin heat sink operating dissipating heat from power electronic components due to natural convection




QuenchSIM: Predicts the time dependent heat transfer due to convection, conduction and radiation for a component quenched with forced air cooling





AMThermSIM: Performs thermal analysis of the Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing process





AcousticSIM: Analyzes the acoustic response of rooms containing user defined acoustic panels





BeamSIM: Predicts the static and dynamic behavior of a beam with user defined size and loading






BolometerSIM: Solves the thermo-electric problem of an infra-red bolometer device due to incident radiation






ECFlowSIM: Analyzes the thermal dissipation of electronic components attached heat sink and subject to forced air flow





EMMirrorSIM: Analyzes the response of a dielectric mirror consisting of a number of identical dielectric bi-layers with high and low refractive indices





MieSIM: Solves Maxwell’s equations for scattering of electromagnetic radiation by spherical dielectric particles





μWaveSIM: Predicts heating due to exposure to an electromagnetic field inside a cavity containing a single waveguide





PeltierSIM: Simulates the thermo-electric behavior due to Seebeck, Peltier and Thomson effects





SPRSIM: Simulates the behavior of surface plasmons propagating at the interface between two materials for the Kretschmann-Raether and Otto configurations




For more information on these Simulation Apps, how to obtain access or how we can develop Simulation Apps for your specific need please contact us.